The idea for a Scale Model of Our Solar System began during the partial solar eclipse in February 1998.

Our Moon appeared to be the same size as our Sun, but we know it is not.

The question came up: How many Moons would it take to fill the Sun?

That's an ASTRONOMICAL number that is really too big to comprehend.

How could we show people what these large numbers really mean?


The distance from the SUN to the farthest planet, PLUTO, is 3.6 billion miles.

The distance fron the Gainesville Square to the end of Longwood Park on Lake Lanier is 1.8 miles.

2 to 1.


A 1mile = 2,000,000,000 miles Scale Model of our Solar System would fit perfectly and it would be a great walk through the parks of Gainesville to Lake Lanier.

In 1999 North Georgia Astronomers secured the necessary governmental approvals and began to raise the funds it would take to build the model from members, other citizens, schools, businesses and other organizations.

On December 31, 1999 the EARTH & MOON monument was put in place at the corner of Main and Washington Streets on the Square of Downtown Gainesville.

The EARTH & MOON marker was paid for by the $30 donations of 108 members of our community. Their names were cast into a bronze plaque that will be permanently attached to the face of the marker in July 2001.

The first major donor was ELACHEE NATURE SCIENCE CENTER who sponsored the first planet: MERCURY.

The MERCURY marker was set in place on January 2, 2000.

The second planet, VENUS, is the only goddess in the group.
The VENUS marker is sponsored by the only secondary school for girls in Hall County, BRENAU ACADEMY.

The VENUS marker was set in place on January 2, 2000.

Robert Webb, President NGA,   Jenny Shaver,    Brenau Academy Headmaster Frank Booth,   Miller Jackson

MARS is the god of war.
The MARS marker is sponsored by RIVERSIDE MILITARY ACADEMY.

The MARS marker was set in place on January 2, 2000.

Doug Chan,   Justin Shine,     Col. Michael Hughes,    Robert Webb, President NGA

The SUN is represented by a 27.5" diameter stainless steel globe and is located on the Downtown Gainesville Square at the corner of Spring and Bradford Streets.
The Sun marker was installed in February 2001.

LAKEVIEW ACADEMY is one of the major sponsors of our SUN.

We have received several $100 contributions toward building the SUN marker from individuals, families, businesses and as memorials. When the fund raising is complete plaques with their names will be cast and attached to the SUN marker.

The final granite markers to complete The Scale Model were set on their foundations in March and April of 2001.

The ASTEROID BELT marker was sponsored by The Hall County Board of Trustees and Friends of Hall County Library and is located at the Headquarters of Hall County Library on Main Street.

The largest asteroid, Ceres, is the smallest object depicted in the Scale Model. The model of Ceres is a globe only 18 thousands of an inch in diameter.

The JUPITER & THE GALILEAN MOONS marker is in the new Rock Creek Park and was sponsored by the 18 Hall County Elementary Schools and their Partners in Education.

The SATURN marker has been temporarily placed on the sidewalk across from Ivey Terrace Park, while the park under goes renovation.
Saturn was sponsored by the 6 Hall County Middle Schools and their Partners in Education.

The marker for the planet URANUS is located half way through Wilshire Trails Park and was sponsored by the 5 Hall County High Schools and their Partners in Education.

The NEPTUNE & TRITON marker is just off the sidewalk between The Rock and the entrance to Longwood Park on Pearl Nix Parkway.

NEPTUNE & TRITON was sponsored by the 5 Gainesville City Schools and their Partners in Education.

The PLUTO marker was sponsored by the Gainesville division of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.

The marker pointing the way to AL;PHA CENTAURI was sponsored by Gainesville College.

The bench between these two markers was donated by AMERISTONE of Elberton, GA, the company that made all the granite pieces in The Scale Model.

The bench can function as a Time Machine if you will send a photo of yourself, or your group, to each time you complete a Tour of The Scale Model.

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